Alexandre Spinelli


"E era assim, se tinha que chover, chovia."

"Como escrevo meus poemas?
Como jardineiro, oras."

"She has ticket for tomorrow morning,
but in the real life there is not a station
to arrive in the very last minute
and see her changing her mind,
running among the people
to reach me in a endless hug,
spinning while the 'the end' scrolls up."

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My book "VocÍ JŠ Escutou o SilÍncio?" is being sold in several websites, for instance: Livraria Cultura, Martins Fontes, Liga Brasileira de Editoras, Editora Dubolsinho.

Newspaper report published on the newspaper "Correio do Povo" in Sep 15th, 2010.

Newspaper report published on the newpaper "A Cidade" in Aug 7th, 2010.

This book was selected by the Secretary of Elementar Education of the Brazilian Ministery of the Education to be part of the National Program of Library in the School - PNBE 2011.